Money Management Advisory
We like to have clients feel comfortable and this occurs when the meter is not running.

We look at ourselves as travel agents. We get paid arranging your financial trip by one or a combination of all three options listed below.

When someone makes an investment, our firm receives a commission. This is usually paid by the investment company. The investment then has a surrender charge if cashed in prematurely. You can also make an investment where the commission comes off the top of one’s investment, and has no surrender charge. There are reasons an investor would use one option over the other.

Management Fees:
Money Management Advisory is also a Registered Investment Advisor where the Company actively manages the client’s money. This fee is 1% annually.

We work hard to help people with their money issues. If we help you and you are happy, please pass our name onto someone else. If you are unhappy with our service, please let us know so that we can improve.